Nail Polish Mod

I had an abundance of clear nail polish and thought I would take a stab a DIY nail polish modifications.

I started with pouring my self a nice glass of Hidden Canyon white wine. In my opinion you can’t do crafts without some kind of yummy alcoholic beverage.


Now to the craft. I have been loving all the matte nail polish’s out there, but when I heard I could make my own matte polish using only corn starch I was intrigued and figured I might was well try it.

So I gathered the ingredients needed; cornstarch and clear nail polish. I use NYC because it is cheap and dries pretty fast.


Mixed them together.


But it got a bit messy, so if I were to do this again, I would get a better funnel.

100_1816I prepped my nails with NYC Chelsea, my favourite matted colour.

100_1839Now it is time for the home made matte! The nail on the left is covered my homemade matter polish while the nail on the left has NYC Matte me Crazy top coat. Sadly the home made one found on pinterest did not stack up. I even tried to add more corn starch to see if that would help, but it just made it worse.


All in all I did not like  the outcome of this homemade matte nail polish. It was just too good to be true. However if you have tried it and it worked for you, I would love to hear how you did it!

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