Cut Glass Bottles With String!

Ok, so like many people on pinterest I have seen the pins about cutting a glass bottle with string and nail polish and I wanted to try it out to see how easy this really is. I gathered all of the supplies; a bottle, string, nail polish remover, lighter and a sink of cold water. You may recognize this bottle from my matte nail polish post, and as you can tell I was very satisfied with this brand of wine 🙂 I did see a youtube video for how to do this but couldn’t find the link again, but it was super helpful, so I thought I would share my process.

get bottle

What you have to do is wrap some string around the bottle where ever you want it to break.  I did 3 or 4 wraps, next time I’m going to try it with fewer. I just used the cheapest cotton string Wal-Mart had available, it doesn’t have to be high quality since you are just burning it.

wrap bottle in string

Next you have to slide the string off the bottle, and soak it in the nail polish remover. Once it is soaked take it out and squeeze out the excess liquid as best as you can. I did this by the sink so I wouldn’t get nail polish remover everywhere. But took the picture by the window because the light is better.

soak string

Now slide the string back on the bottle and light it on fire! Do this over the sink full of cold water. I put ice in my sink just to make sure it would work. I’m not sure if it was necessary, but better safe than sorry!

fill sink with cold water

While the string is burning, rotate the bottle so it burns evenly. Once you notice the flame start to go out, dunk the whole bottle into the cold water. The string doesn’t burn very bright and is difficult to see so keep an eye on it. When I did it the bottle broke easily apart but I may have taped it on the bottom of the sink in my hopeful excitement for this to work!

burn sting 2

dunk in cold water

For me this worked perfectly! Well the cut wasn’t quite perfect, but I might not have put the string on very straight. It wasn’t jagged or anything, just not perfectly straight.


Once I finished celebrating that this actually works, I sanded the edges so I wouldn’t cut myself.

sand it

Since it worked and I had no plan for what to use it for I Googled and found this! And I copied them. My candle was a bit wide at the bottom so I just used a knife to shave it down to fit it into the bottle top.

use it

All in all this is super easy and super effective. You don’t need to spend you money on a $30 glass cutter when you can get string, nail polish remover and a lighter (or matches) for around $5.  I am now really looking forward to doing many more glass crafts in the future! Have fun and don’t cut yourself!

One thought on “Cut Glass Bottles With String!

  1. Sounds cool.
    I used to use a glass cutter. I did stained glass too, so I already had the glass cutter.
    I think I will try this!

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