Decorate My Own Cup!

While pinning one day, as  I do, I came across a great, easy to do craft! Decorate your own porcelain glass wear! I thought to myself, “April, this would be a great present for anyone! But does it actually work? Will the marker actually stay on after I wash it?” So I put this craft to the test. All you have to do is get a mug, sharpies and cook the mug with doodles on it at 350 degrees for 30  minutes.

I headed out to the dollar store to find a cheap plain mug, and I already had sharpies at home.


I am not the greatest artist, so I got my boyfriend, Angus to help me out with the artwork. That is why this image has man hands, those are not my hands. I just wanted to make that clear.


Now if you were smart you would have the oven pre-heating while you were drawing on the mug to be efficient. I was not that smart. So I had to wait for a bit before I could cook it.

I also recommend checking the mug for stickers before you draw on it, I don’t think stickers and hot ovens go well together. I had to use a blow-drier and a spoon to scrape the sticker off. Since I already drew on it I couldn’t use oil and peanut butter to remove the sticker (follow that link, it sound weird, but it works!).


The fun part is using the mug for your favorite hot beverages, with a bit of a kick added to it! Like I said before, crafts are done best with a grown-up drink!


The big test is to wash it. I tried hand washing….and it worked pretty well, if you don’t scrub too hard on the marker, it should probably look good for a while, but the marker won’t stay on forever.


I also tried the dishwasher, but sadly, the marker did not make it through the wash cycle. 100_1901100_1900

However don’t despair because I found THIS pin, where it shows you that oil based sharpies are dishwasher safe. So I got one, but be warned, at Michaels they are about $5 or $6 each. I was lucky and found one on sale for $2.50 (yay, small victory!)


I got Angus to re-draw on  the mug and threw it in the dishwasher…


The oil based sharpie worked perfectly! This would be a great craft to have in your back pocket for last minute gifts, or if you ever want to have your own personalized mug. If you want to get creative you can write the recipe for your favourite mug cake on it and add a baggy of all the dry ingredients for a cool and yummy present.

I hope that this was helpful! To sum it up, all you need is a mug, an oil based sharpie and a stove to make your own personalized mugs (or any ceramic). Have fun with it!

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