Frozen Bana-butter Sandwiches

I haven’t seen this exact tip on pinterest, but I’m sure it exists, however I wanted to share it anyway. If you want to have a yummy, healthy snack around, but are sick of carrots, why not trying making little banana sandwiches with peanut butter squished between and maybe some brown sugar sprinkled on top.

It does get messy, so be prepared for that since the peanut butter doesn’t exactly stick to the banana slices.


After you have them squished together, freeze ’em! I put mine in Tupperware containers. However I didn’t have any wax paper to separate the layers, so they are now frozen together. I’m thinking I will just use them for that peanut butter ice cream pin.

This is a very yummy treat, and now as summer is coming, it will be a nice way to cool down. I’m sure you can do this with any of your favorite fruit and dips, like strawberries and yogurt!

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