Dry Your Nail Polish Instantly!

Over May long weekend, my friend Kat was out and told me about a crazy rumor she heard. She said that if you spray your freshly painted nails with Pam that they would dry instantly because of science. I thought, that sounds nasty, but if it works, it might be worth knowing!

So we went to work and painting our nails. I used OPI’s ‘Tease-y Does It’ with a silver Crackle over top. The Crackle was Kat’s and I don’t know what it was called.


After the top coat, I header over to the sink to spray my nails with grease…. yuck!


After I sprayed my nails, I touched them and to both of our surprises, it worked! My hands were incredibly greasy after, but nothing a little  soap and water couldn’t fix. After my hands no longer smelled like pam, my nails looked great and were dry.

I would recommend doing this if you are in a rush and need to get something done or head somewhere and don’t have time for your nails to dry. However it was gross so if you have time to let your nails dry the old fashioned way, that would probably be best.

Good luck!

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