Key Frame

Sorry I was AFK for so long, I had some decisions to make in the job world, then my family was out to watch me get my University degree! I didn’t fall while walking across the stage, so I would say it was successful!

Now to the craft! I found this gem one day and thought it was neat! So I gathered the supplies; a cheap picture frame (found at Michaels on sale!), an old key, newspaper and spray paint.

I spray painted the ugly picture frame.

100_1939Cut out a piece of newspaper that would fit into the frame…

100_1943Then since I didn’t have a bright spray paint colour I liked, I just used a nail polish to paint the key.


And finally put it all together!

100_1948This was a super easy craft, however when I showed my family the first thing they asked was, “what it was for?” So I got to thinking and figured that if you wanted to give it a meaning you could use a page from your favourite book or a key from your first apartment or similar idea. Or if you are like me and like the way it looks, just use whatever supplies you have laying around cause it looks cool and you need decorations.

Have fun!

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