Picture Frame Calendar

Hello all! In the last little while I’ve decided that I needed to organize my life, and you can’t do that without a calendar! However those office ones you can get are sort of ugly and I wanted something a nicer, so I looked and found THIS and thought I would give it a try! All I needed was a large picture frame (I also got a few smaller ones for upcoming months), some fabric or paper (I used fabric instead of paint chips), markers and glue!

I started by taking the fake families out of their frames and measuring my own backing. I used poster board and fabric (I just used one of the quick small pieces of fabric you can get at wal-mart for about 3 bucks). I had to measure and cut my poster board to fit the frame but the fabric fit around it perfectly without cutting or measuring. It made me happy.


Next I drew my calendar grid on the side of the glass that faces inward with permanent marker (you can remove permanent marker from glass with nail polish remove). That way when I erase my month, I don’t have to redraw the grid every-time. This took a while because measuring and straight lines aren’t my friends. I think they take patience or something.

straight lines?


After that I got to do all that measuring and drawing of straight lines 4 more times, just in a smaller scale on some 1 dollar frames I found in wal-mart. This wasn’t going to be part of my plan, but when I saw the small frames I thought it might work out well.

mini frame

Finally I got to decorate and hang up these calendars! Hanging up also takes careful measuring so they might not be perfectly straight. But i don’t care because now I can keep track of my life… Well at home anyway.

final product

And there it is! As you can see my house has some poor lighting and my camera could use an update, but you get the idea. If I were to do it again, I would find a larger frame for my current month so I could put in more details. But since this is the size I got, I’m just going to have to get better dry-erase makers!

I would recommend this craft, it’s pretty easy (a bit boring so I was watching ER while working on it) and I think it will end up being really useful. If you have multiple people or kids in your house, you could use more little ones to keep track of everyone separately. Have fun with this craft too. For example later I’m probably going to find a fabric colour and pattern I like more than just boring white to spice my calendar up a bit. Until next time! Keep Crafting and Have Fun! (If you don’t get that reference here is some help)

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