Jewellery Storage Hanger

UPDATE: I found the perfect place to hang these handy little storage units. At first I was worried that they would hang a bit wonky if they were against the wall, but it turns out they don’t!


So I finally got sick of my jewellery storage system, which was non-existent, and I got some inspiration from a couple sources, like this one and this one. I made some modifications and did it my own way and below is my final product.

Final ProductI desperately needed a way to store my jewellery, take a look for yourself. That is all my my beautiful jewellery dropped into a drawer in a big, ugly knotted mess. As you can see something needed to be done about this.

messI started with finding supplies; string, an old hanger and curtain hooks. My tools of choice today were your basic scissors and needle-nose pliers.

tools and supplies

tools and supplies

I started this simple project by threading and tightly tying the string on the hanger. Step two was to bend the curtain hooks so they can hold more than one necklace. And finally hanging all of my jewellery on my new storage.

I did run into a problem when it came to hanging my cuff bracelets, but I quickly realized that I could bend the main hook and the curtain hooks to allow it to hold a wider piece of jewellery, such as my kick ass cuffs.

100_1997 cuffs

Now all I have to do is find some place to hang these where they will look good and not get bumped into by my clumsy self and clumsy boyfriend. I’ll up-date this post once I figure it out!


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