Cotton Ball Holder

This craft took me way longer than I thought it would, but not because it was a hard one, but because I didn’t have the right tools. The lesson today, have the correct tools. All you need for this project is an old candle container with a lid, a cupboard knob, paint, drywall fill, and a drill.

final productI started this project by burning a Bath and Body Works candle and cleaning the left over wax out. The next step was to prep the lid so I got some patch  fill that works well on metal since”Bed and Body Works” was engraved onto the top

patchAfter it was all dried, I sanded it a bit, to make sure that the patch was smooth and ready to be spray painted. Since I live in an apartment, spray painting is always difficult. I have to use a large tuperware  container to stop the paint from going everywhere. I also live on the coast, which means it is a bit humid and as you can see from the picture, I think that might be the reason the final paint looks the way it does. A bit cracked…

paintI decided that I sort of like the cracked look and didn’t bother sanding it off again to re-do it. The more I talk about this project the more difficulties I realized I had with it. This next part was supposed to be the easy part, just screw the cupboard knob onto the candle lid, however I did not have a drill so I nailed a small hole into the centre then used a dremel to make the hole large enough for the screw to fit in. It was quite the process and I don’t think I’ll try this project again until I have access to a drill.

100_2001[1]I really like the final product, but until I have better tools I won’t be doing another of these projects again, even though I would like one for Q-tips.




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