Wine Cork Board!

This past week I decided I wanted to try out this whole cork board made with wine corks thing. I saw a few different kinds while perusing pinterest but I liked this tall, thin one because I have a lot of thin walls that it would fit on; and because it looked like the easiest ones that required the least corks.

So I gathered the materials, corks (lots depending on what you use for backing), backing of some sort (the tutorial I found said a meterstick, but those are pricey so I found some cheap balsa wood from Michaels). For tools all you need is a knife to cut the corks in half and glue. If you have a bagel cutter, that might make this project a bit quicker. I found cutting all of the corks to be a bit tough and got a blister by the end of it.

cut corks

Now before you cut the corks, don’t forget to prep them by boiling them for around 10 minutes first. I talked about this when I made the wine cork planters. This makes cutting the corks a whole lot easier.

After you finish cutting, just line them up on your backing in whatever order you like. I tried to spread my wine brands out a bit so the same kind wouldn’t be all clumped together.


When you finish lining up and gluing everything together, just find that special place in your house to hang it. I thought this would work great right beside my door, that way I could stick reminder notes to it! I also had a bunch of pictures sitting in a box and I thought they would look pretty cool posted  to the new board as well. That way every time I leave the house I can be reminded of not only tasks I need to do but also some pretty good memories.


Voila! You’re finished your wonderful wine cork board! Now when your friends come to visit, they can get gift ideas by seeing what kind of wine you like and at the same idea all the silly things you tend to forget to do when you leave your house!


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