Wine Cork Magnets

Apparently I’m on a wine cork kick lately, because today I decided to make these wine cork magnets that you can get off of Etsy. The one’s you get off Etsy are probably a bit stronger than the ones I made, but I could have gotten a better magnet for backing.

Now this was a very, very simple craft. All you need is wine corks, magnets, glue and cutting tools! You start by cutting the corks, but don’t forget to boil the corks for 10 minutes first, it’ll make theme easier to chop in half.

cut corks

After that all you have to do is glue some magnets on the back.  I used this sheet magnet stuff I got at Micheal’s. It works alright, I would probably get a better magnet if I was to make these for a gift.

glue magnets

Once everything is glued and dried you are ready to put them on your fridge or dry-erase board, or whatever you have that magnets stick to, just not your computer, I hear that does bad things.


This might be the easiest projects I have done, and can think of doing. These could make nice additions to gifts, especially with the holiday season coming up, you may have to give wine to a lot of party hosts, and make your wine stand out, with a cork magnet!


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