Fabric Cork Boards

It’s been too long since my last post, but late is better than never! A little while ago, I got a new job and wanted some decorations for my office. I found these cute pin boards on pinterest and thought they would be perfect!

So  I got all the supplies necessary; fabric, cork board coasters (pot and cup), scissors, glue, and magnets.


Then I covered all the corks with the chosen fabric that I cut to the correct size. This was easy enough, the difficult part was making sure the fabric was tight on the cork and there were no creases. To help with getting rid of creases I ironed the fabric first. But after it was all smooth, I pulled it over the cork and hot glued it down on the back.


This took a little time, a little patience and a couple minor burns. When all was said and done, I thought it looked pretty good. The last step was to put magnet on the back so I could put them on my filing cabinet in my office. You could also just nail them up on your wall if you prefer. If you do decide to go the magnet route, make sure you get STRONG magnets. I just used some of the cheaper sheet magnets I found at a craft store, and they weren’t quite strong enough. I also recommend the strongest glue you can get your hands on. I used a hot glue gun and when I got to my office one day I found the cork board on the floor while the magnets were still on my cabinet.


This is the final product, and I am happy with how they ended up. You can do this with any fabric and since it is only glue gunned down, you can always switch the fabric up once in a while to keep things new and exciting!


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