Christmas Decorations

Well with Christmas just around the corner I wanted to make my place feel like a small Christmas wonderland, but have a limited budget. I got some basic supplies, I splurged on a shadow box, but figured I could use it throughout the year for all sorts of themes! Everything else was $5 or less.

100_2051 100_2053 100_2058 100_2060 100_2061 100_2065

For the the box I got some silver pine-cones and some clear snowflakes and randomly put them into the box. For the background, I found a Christmas present I liked on-line and just printed it out. For the writing, I got a white permanent marker and made my boyfriend do the writing because I can’t write prettily if my life depended on it.

I was lucky enough to find the planter balls at a Christmas show for a couple bucks each! As for the table runner, I got both rolls at Michaels and layered them on top of each other. I had some extra of both ribbons so I wrapped it around my big planter with rosemary and thyme in it. I still have extra, so who knows what else I will find to wrap up!

On the chest, I did up some small decorations, I just filled up an old candle holder and a wine glass up with cinnamon scented pine-cones! To add something extra to them, I wrapped Christmas beads and lace ribbon around them, I think it ended up looking cute. There were some extra pine-cones so I spread them around the base of the glasses

My boyfriend and I were also lucky enough to find a Christmas Tree on sale at Canadian tire, and because Christmas is his favourite holiday he picked it up.

Those plus a couple stings of lights on door ways creates my own little Christmas paradise.


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