Light Bulb Vases

DSC_0102Over the holidays I wanted to make my friend a present but didn’t know what to get her, so I thought I could try to make her something. I have always like light bulb crafts so I found this and just  by doing a quick search you will find a bunch of cool stuff to do with a hollowed out light bulb. Since the tutorial I linked too was so good. I’ll keep my description super short!





I didn’t have any old clear light bulbs at home, so I got some new ones from the dollar store.  You have to start by removing the cap on the metal bit of the light bulb. A good set of needle nose pliers are the way to go.

remove cap

After that you have to pull out the bit underneath that. You might here a nice crack that’s perfect! Then you will see black glass fall out.


After that you have to break the glass bit inside of the bulb. This will take more force than you expect, but I did break one bulb before I got  done right. I would recommend wearing gloves, I didn’t and wish I did.


Now most of the work is finished. Just complete the hollowing out process by breaking out the rest of the glass pieces from the inside of the bulb.

Now to make a nice hanging vase, all you have to do is wrap some floral wire (I think that’s what it was called when I found it in Micheals) around the metal bit and make sure you have enough wire to let it hang.

DSC_0102 DSC_0101

I really enjoyed this project, and I think I will do some more light bulb crafts. I’m really wanting a light bulb torch in my house!

My main pointer for this craft is, do it in a place easy to sweep because it is likely you will get glass everywhere. Other than that, have fun!



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