Busy Month

Well May has come and is pretty much gone. Unfortunately this has been a very busy month flying between the States, Vancouver and Saskatchewan. When I finally made it home to Saskatchewan, we were renovating the house, leaving me with no room or time to do a proper craft. However, I have been staining baseboards, ripping up lino and moving furniture, all of which is a little bit craft related. Next month I will try to make up with a larger craft, or maybe 2 small ones.

Until next time!


Strawberry Flowers

I’m back and I decided to start with an easy one and one a bit out of my comfort zone. I’m not very interested in food art and my presentation skills need a lot of work. So I found this Pin and took a go at it.

The tutorial I found was simple to follow I started with grabbing the tools; strawberries (from the Mountain View Farmers Market), a knife and a cutting board to contain the mess.

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A Quick Check In

Well, as you can tell it has been a long, long time since I posted anything and I think it is time to start again. The reason I stopped is because of work as well as moving to a smaller apartment with less room, but that should not stop me from trying Pinterest crafts, after all, there are many crafts that claim to be for small rooms and apartments. Starting this April, I am going to start back up and try at least one craft or recipe a month.

Stay tuned! O, and if you have any suggestions of crafts to try, let me know!!

Light Bulb Vases

DSC_0102Over the holidays I wanted to make my friend a present but didn’t know what to get her, so I thought I could try to make her something. I have always like light bulb crafts so I found this and just  by doing a quick search you will find a bunch of cool stuff to do with a hollowed out light bulb. Since the tutorial I linked too was so good. I’ll keep my description super short! Continue reading “Light Bulb Vases”

Christmas Decorations

Well with Christmas just around the corner I wanted to make my place feel like a small Christmas wonderland, but have a limited budget. I got some basic supplies, I splurged on a shadow box, but figured I could use it throughout the year for all sorts of themes! Everything else was $5 or less.

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Fabric Cork Boards

It’s been too long since my last post, but late is better than never! A little while ago, I got a new job and wanted some decorations for my office. I found these cute pin boards on pinterest and thought they would be perfect!

So  I got all the supplies necessary; fabric, cork board coasters (pot and cup), scissors, glue, and magnets.


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Wine Cork Magnets

Apparently I’m on a wine cork kick lately, because today I decided to make these wine cork magnets that you can get off of Etsy. The one’s you get off Etsy are probably a bit stronger than the ones I made, but I could have gotten a better magnet for backing.

Now this was a very, very simple craft. All you need is wine corks, magnets, glue and cutting tools! You start by cutting the corks, but don’t forget to boil the corks for 10 minutes first, it’ll make theme easier to chop in half.

cut corks

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