Dry Your Nail Polish Instantly!

Over May long weekend, my friend Kat was out and told me about a crazy rumor she heard. She said that if you spray your freshly painted nails with Pam that they would dry instantly because of science. I thought, that sounds nasty, but if it works, it might be worth knowing!

So we went to work and painting our nails. I used OPI’s ‘Tease-y Does It’ with a silver Crackle over top. The Crackle was Kat’s and I don’t know what it was called.


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DIY Face Mask

During this long weekend a friend and I decided to make ourselves beautiful! So we made our very own face mask. We found this tip and gave it a try.

All you need is 1 lemon and some honey. I only had creamed honey, but we thought it would work.


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Creating My Own Nail Polish Colour

While pinning one day I found this! It tells you that you can create your own nail polish colour just by adding some eye shadow. This sounded too good to be true, so I wanted to put it to the test! I did this nail mod the same night I did “Matte Polish.”

I decided to try this out because I have so many free sample eye shadows, either my own or hand-me down from my mom and sister that none of us ever used. I thought that this would be a great way to make more room in my make-up storage… if it works (fingers crossed).

I started with picking a colour I thought might look good (out of my very neutral selection) as a nail polish colour.  I used the purple one, and a little bit of the white got in as well.

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Nail Polish Mod

I had an abundance of clear nail polish and thought I would take a stab a DIY nail polish modifications.

I started with pouring my self a nice glass of Hidden Canyon white wine. In my opinion you can’t do crafts without some kind of yummy alcoholic beverage.


Now to the craft. I have been loving all the matte nail polish’s out there, but when I heard I could make my own matte polish using only corn starch I was intrigued and figured I might was well try it. Continue reading “Nail Polish Mod”