Pear and Brie Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Sorry for the hiatus during the summer, but I am back. I wanted to start out with a nice and easy one, so I thought yummy food stuffed with more yummy food!

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Picture Frame Calendar

Hello all! In the last little while I’ve decided that I needed to organize my life, and you can’t do that without a calendar! However those office ones you can get are sort of ugly and I wanted something a nicer, so I looked and found THIS and thought I would give it a try! All I needed was a large picture frame (I also got a few smaller ones for upcoming months), some fabric or paper (I used fabric instead of paint chips), markers and glue!

I started by taking the fake families out of their frames and measuring my own backing. I used poster board and fabric (I just used one of the quick small pieces of fabric you can get at wal-mart for about 3 bucks). I had to measure and cut my poster board to fit the frame but the fabric fit around it perfectly without cutting or measuring. It made me happy.

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Key Frame

Sorry I was AFK for so long, I had some decisions to make in the job world, then my family was out to watch me get my University degree! I didn’t fall while walking across the stage, so I would say it was successful!

Now to the craft! I found this gem one day and thought it was neat! So I gathered the supplies; a cheap picture frame (found at Michaels on sale!), an old key, newspaper and spray paint.

I spray painted the ugly picture frame.

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Dry Your Nail Polish Instantly!

Over May long weekend, my friend Kat was out and told me about a crazy rumor she heard. She said that if you spray your freshly painted nails with Pam that they would dry instantly because of science. I thought, that sounds nasty, but if it works, it might be worth knowing!

So we went to work and painting our nails. I used OPI’s ‘Tease-y Does It’ with a silver Crackle over top. The Crackle was Kat’s and I don’t know what it was called.


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Wine Cork Planters

UPDATE: Well its been about 4 months since I planted some succulents into my wine corks and they are starting to wilt. but to be fair for about 2.5 of those months I completely forgot that I had them and did nothing to take care of them. They were also in a pretty crappy spot for a plant. I had to stick them on the side of my fridge  close to the stove and microwave so that might have something to do with them wilting as well. However it has been a very long time before they died, and I still think that this is a pretty sweet craft because succulents are cheap and easy to transplant again! I still recommend this craft for yourself or a gift!

Hello, Hello, Hello. Today I finally tried out the wine cork planter craft, my first wine cork craft! I also tested out  the tip about boiling the corks  for 10 minutes before crafting with them.

To boil the corks, you need to weigh them down with something. I used a medium pot to boil them in and a small pot lid to hold them down. I let them boil for about 4 minutes, then turned down the heat so the pot wouldn’t boil over for the remaining 6 minutes.

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Frozen Bana-butter Sandwiches

I haven’t seen this exact tip on pinterest, but I’m sure it exists, however I wanted to share it anyway. If you want to have a yummy, healthy snack around, but are sick of carrots, why not trying making little banana sandwiches with peanut butter squished between and maybe some brown sugar sprinkled on top.

It does get messy, so be prepared for that since the peanut butter doesn’t exactly stick to the banana slices.


After you have them squished together, freeze ’em! I put mine in Tupperware containers. However I didn’t have any wax paper to separate the layers, so they are now frozen together. I’m thinking I will just use them for that peanut butter ice cream pin.

This is a very yummy treat, and now as summer is coming, it will be a nice way to cool down. I’m sure you can do this with any of your favorite fruit and dips, like strawberries and yogurt!