Fabric Cork Boards

It’s been too long since my last post, but late is better than never! A little while ago, I got a new job and wanted some decorations for my office. I found these cute pin boards on pinterest and thought they would be perfect!

So  I got all the supplies necessary; fabric, cork board coasters (pot and cup), scissors, glue, and magnets.


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Jewellery Storage Hanger

UPDATE: I found the perfect place to hang these handy little storage units. At first I was worried that they would hang a bit wonky if they were against the wall, but it turns out they don’t!


So I finally got sick of my jewellery storage system, which was non-existent, and I got some inspiration from a couple sources, like this one and this one. I made some modifications and did it my own way and below is my final product. Continue reading “Jewellery Storage Hanger”

Picture Frame Calendar

Hello all! In the last little while I’ve decided that I needed to organize my life, and you can’t do that without a calendar! However those office ones you can get are sort of ugly and I wanted something a nicer, so I looked and found THIS and thought I would give it a try! All I needed was a large picture frame (I also got a few smaller ones for upcoming months), some fabric or paper (I used fabric instead of paint chips), markers and glue!

I started by taking the fake families out of their frames and measuring my own backing. I used poster board and fabric (I just used one of the quick small pieces of fabric you can get at wal-mart for about 3 bucks). I had to measure and cut my poster board to fit the frame but the fabric fit around it perfectly without cutting or measuring. It made me happy.

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