Light Bulb Vases

DSC_0102Over the holidays I wanted to make my friend a present but didn’t know what to get her, so I thought I could try to make her something. I have always like light bulb crafts so I found this and just  by doing a quick search you will find a bunch of cool stuff to do with a hollowed out light bulb. Since the tutorial I linked too was so good. I’ll keep my description super short! Continue reading “Light Bulb Vases”


Jewellery Storage Hanger

UPDATE: I found the perfect place to hang these handy little storage units. At first I was worried that they would hang a bit wonky if they were against the wall, but it turns out they don’t!


So I finally got sick of my jewellery storage system, which was non-existent, and I got some inspiration from a couple sources, like this one and this one. I made some modifications and did it my own way and below is my final product. Continue reading “Jewellery Storage Hanger”