Wine Cork Magnets

Apparently I’m on a wine cork kick lately, because today I decided to make these wine cork magnets that you can get off of Etsy. The one’s you get off Etsy are probably a bit stronger than the ones I made, but I could have gotten a better magnet for backing.

Now this was a very, very simple craft. All you need is wine corks, magnets, glue and cutting tools! You start by cutting the corks, but don’t forget to boil the corks for 10 minutes first, it’ll make theme easier to chop in half.

cut corks

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Wine Cork Board!

This past week I decided I wanted to try out this whole cork board made with wine corks thing. I saw a few different kinds while perusing pinterest but I liked this tall, thin one because I have a lot of thin walls that it would fit on; and because it looked like the easiest ones that required the least corks.

So I gathered the materials, corks (lots depending on what you use for backing), backing of some sort (the tutorial I found said a meterstick, but those are pricey so I found some cheap balsa wood from Michaels). For tools all you need is a knife to cut the corks in half and glue. If you have a bagel cutter, that might make this project a bit quicker. I found cutting all of the corks to be a bit tough and got a blister by the end of it.

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Wine Cork Planters

UPDATE: Well its been about 4 months since I planted some succulents into my wine corks and they are starting to wilt. but to be fair for about 2.5 of those months I completely forgot that I had them and did nothing to take care of them. They were also in a pretty crappy spot for a plant. I had to stick them on the side of my fridge  close to the stove and microwave so that might have something to do with them wilting as well. However it has been a very long time before they died, and I still think that this is a pretty sweet craft because succulents are cheap and easy to transplant again! I still recommend this craft for yourself or a gift!

Hello, Hello, Hello. Today I finally tried out the wine cork planter craft, my first wine cork craft! I also tested out  the tip about boiling the corks  for 10 minutes before crafting with them.

To boil the corks, you need to weigh them down with something. I used a medium pot to boil them in and a small pot lid to hold them down. I let them boil for about 4 minutes, then turned down the heat so the pot wouldn’t boil over for the remaining 6 minutes.

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